Monday, March 12, 2012

March 10-11 Results

This was another busy weekend for SMUT with runners racing at four different events.

Pioneer Saloon Trail Races

Dirt roads from Goodsprings to Sandy Valley and back

Shad Mickelberry   50K    4:25    1st Overall 
Ron Hammett         50K    4:41    2nd Overall
David Campbell     50K    6:13
(Results not up yet for the following. Will post when up.)
Debbie Myers
Terry Mauer
Jennifer Mich

Mesquite Canyon 50k Waddel, AZ

Rugged trails at White Tanks Park near Phoenix

Nick Kollar ran a very impressive 5:17 placing 13th out of 76  starters.

Desert Dash Malibu Trail Runs:

Paul Daly:    Daytime Half      2:20   Night Half     2:37
Rose Daly:   Daytime Half      4:37

Calico Red Rock Half Marathon:

Road hilly half marathon on the Red Rock Loop

Paula Raimondi      2:08
Tami Stefanatos      2:17

Peggy and Randy also ran but waiting for results.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Ultrarunner Podcast interview with Ian Torrance. Many of us know Ian but this interview contains some great information on the physical and mental approach to ultras.