Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Big Weekend Results

Josh cranking on first loop (photo Ian Torrence)
Well this certainly was a big weekend with runners at several different races this past weekend. First, Josh Brimhall, Shad Mickelberry, and Casey Flanagan made the trip down to Fountain Hills, AZ for the Pemberton Trail 50K. This is a two loop fast course. Although it only has about 1500 feet of elevation change, less than a third of Bootlegger, don't get the impression this race is easy. Running a hard constant pace is a killer and I swear the course grows hills for the second lap.
Shad all smiles lap #1 (photo Ian Torrence)
Shad not smiling lap #2 (photo Ian Torrence)
It was a bit of a bitter sweet day for Josh. He took the overall victory in 3:28 but was short of his time goal. This was Josh's 10th running of Pemberton and his sixth victory including five in a row. He has the most finishes and wins in the race's 12 year history.

I (Shad) wanted to run under 4 hours and it was a good thing ran a good first lap because I needed just about all of the cushion I built finishing 7th place in 3:58. This was my third Pemberton and a 37 minute PR.

Casey looking good with 5 miles to go (photo I.T.)
Casey Flanagan ran an impressive race finishing 12th in 4:15. This was his first running of the race and set a PR for the distance. 

Full results available on ultrasignup

Locally Desert Dash had their Blood Sweat and Beers trail races at Bootleg Canyon. This consisted of several distances in day and night runs. 

In the 30K daytime distance Nick Kollar ran 2:44 finishing second. Paula Raimondi was able to get under her long awaited four hour goal finishing in 3:54. Joe Baumgarte also ran the 30K in 3:32.

Mrs. "All Smiles" Rose Daly finished the daytime half in 4:57. For 10K daytime Jennifer finished in 1:22.

Several also ran double duty running both day and night races James Wedekind ran the 30K in 2:57:04 and night half in 2:27:16. David Campbell ran the 30K in 3:54:26 and night half in 2:53:53. 
Paul Daly ran the 30K 4:12:04 and night 5k in 36:59. Steven Pinkerton ran the daytime 10K in 58:19 and night 10K 1:04:13. 

I also saw photos posted on the Desert Dash Facebook page. 

That was a heck of a lot of running last weekend. Congratulations to everyone and we'll see you all soon. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Big Weekend

There is quite a bit going on this weekend for SMUT. Three runners are headed down to the Phoenix area for the Pemberton 50K. Josh, Shad, and Flanagan are all looking for 50k PRs on the fast but sneakishly difficult course.

Locally the Desert Dash Bootleg day and night trail runs are also taking place Saturday. I know David was talking about doing at least one of the 30k events and quite a few others are going to be out there too. Looking forward to seeing the results.

Lastly, Jesse invited anyone not racing to this secret place that he and Jeff go. Just kidding, the8y are meeting at 8 am and carpooling for a 12 mile trail run. Check the calendar for details.

Good luck to everybody and be sure to email or message your results on FB if you are racing.