Thursday, February 9, 2012

Big Weekend

There is quite a bit going on this weekend for SMUT. Three runners are headed down to the Phoenix area for the Pemberton 50K. Josh, Shad, and Flanagan are all looking for 50k PRs on the fast but sneakishly difficult course.

Locally the Desert Dash Bootleg day and night trail runs are also taking place Saturday. I know David was talking about doing at least one of the 30k events and quite a few others are going to be out there too. Looking forward to seeing the results.

Lastly, Jesse invited anyone not racing to this secret place that he and Jeff go. Just kidding, the8y are meeting at 8 am and carpooling for a 12 mile trail run. Check the calendar for details.

Good luck to everybody and be sure to email or message your results on FB if you are racing.


  1. Hey Jesse. I live in north town and would like to meet up with you guys. From the calendar I understand that we meet by the Walgreens by Durango and Farm Rd. this Sat at 8am and then head out from there. How far away is this grapevine springs? I never heard of it.

  2. If I'm not mistaken I think Jesse said it was like 9 miles to the trail head. Sounds like it is off of Kyle Canyon Road.