Monday, December 6, 2010

Ridgecrest 30k/50k

Here are some photos from the SMUT ladies up at Ridgecrest this past weekend. Well done to all of you.

Typical Ridgecrest view

Britta beat her time from last year by over 20 minutes

No shortage of fun there
Representing pretty well

Peggy finished the 50k in 4:48

Debbie finished the 30k in just under 4 hours

Terry 30k in 4:21

Sunday, December 5, 2010

SMUT weekend results

Here are most of the results from the various races this weekend. If there is anyone I've missed please let me know or post a comment.

Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon

Steven Dean placed 18th out of over 1000 in 1:24:50. Crap man!!!! Destroyed his age group, as usual, by about 6 minutes. Way to go Steven.

Las Vegas RnR

Paula finished the half marathon in 2:01:21. This was Paula's first half. Nice going and I'm thinking she'll get well under 2 hours next time

Kathy-not heard yet.

Jeff Bzoskie full marathon in 4:41. Jeff mentioned something about running Dean Karnazes style from his house to the start and running the race then running home. Not sure if that played out, but judging from the time I'm guessing he did.

Ridgecrest 30k

Britta 3:48
Terry 4:21
Debbie ca. 4 hours

Extremely well done ladies. I think this is Debbie's first trail race too. Way to go.

Ridgecrest 50k

Peggy 4:48 Excellent time there Peggy. Finishing a 50k in under 5 hours is a great accomplishment.

Western States 100 Lottery

Shad in, Josh not. This was really a crap shoot. Odds were about 1 in 10 or so of getting in. I would have almost preferred to see the Las Vegan with a chance of winning to get in, but I guess I'll take it.

There was a lot going on this weekend. Good to see everyone so active. Way to go to all the runners. I also had a good time at the RnR expo helping Josh and Pearl Izumi out as well as being a buffer between Hillary and the drunk Sport Bean guy.

Just about a month until the Fat Ass which has filled to capacity. Two years ago there were 11 runners and just 6 last year so it's amazing to have 50 entrants a month before the race. I know Josh and Ian are going to look into getting the BLM to allow more runners, but we will have to wait and see.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Busy weekend for SMUT

Below are the tallies of what I've received for the races everyone is doing this weekend. Once again the lady SMUTs are leading the pack getting out there and running. Way to go ladies and good luck to you and Steven as well. 

Josh and I are in the Western States Lottery on Saturday and will be watching closely. This would be my first time doing the race. For Josh, this would prevent him from having to go race one of several qualifying races to get in. 

LV RnR: Kathy 1/2, Paula 1/2 

Ridgecrest: Peggy 50k, Terry 30k, Britta 30k, Debbie 30k

Fiest Bowl 1/2 Marathon in Scottsdale: Steven

Western States Lottery hopefuls: Josh, Shad

Saturday we are back at Railroad Pass at 6:30. We may have a couple of special guests that are in town for the RnR Expo so come on out if you are able. If you're going to the Expo swing by the Red Rock Running Company/Pearl Izumi booth. Josh will be there the whole time and I'll be there Friday afternoon and all day Saturday. The Expo is being held at the Sands Convention Center.

Let me know if anyone we know is running these races or other races so I can update the list and follow their results.