Monday, January 3, 2011

Red Rock Fat Ass Marathon

Looks like there are still a couple spot available for anyone wanting to run the Red Rock Fat Ass Trail Marathon this weekend. Go to to to register. Checking the entrants list it looks like Josh, Shane, Peggy, Brad, Dana, Tami, Maraya, Paula, Shad, Amy, Terri, and Kathy are in.

Britta will be bringing drop bags to Willow Springs, where we will pass twice, so pack what you will need. Do not pack a large bag though. With all the people this year there simply won't be room and your bag may not make it out.

Ian Torrence sent out a message that there will be not charge to get in if you print your registration and bring it. He has been sending out updates to everyone registered. If you haven't been getting them email him at

Looking forward to seeing everyone out

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