Thursday, August 18, 2011

Upcoming Events

This weekend Dana and Glenn are running the Skyline Mountain Marathon up in Utah. It looks pretty brutal but sure to be scenic. Good luck to you both. We'll be eager to hear especially in light of the little wager between you two.

Coming up next weekend Saturday August 27th we are doing a Bootlegger 50k training run. We will be running one loop of the course. This will be a good test of our fitness and what needs work to be ready. There is no official start time. Just start when you think you'll be able to finish before it gets too hot. There will be no aid and isn't anywhere to refill water after you leave the Bootleg parking lot. I'd  recommend a pack to most people in order to be able to carry enough water. If I'm healed enough to run I know I will be wearing one. Either way I'll be out there at 6:30 am with a cooler and ice so people can have something cold after.

Also rememeber to keep Saturday September 17th open for the SMUT Pancake run at Bzoskie's house. We'll be running the infamous Northwest Passage Trail and having pancakes afterwards. Jeff has invited everyone to bring their families for the pancake feast.

Hope to see everyone soon.

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