Sunday, September 18, 2011

Forest Challenge/RR Twilight 1/2 Marathon

Quite a bit happened this weekend with two local races both on Saturday.

First, at the LVTC Forest Challenge Steven, Shad, Matt and Jesse ran. Steven won the 6 mile event in 44min 31sec. Pretty frigging sweet for a 61 year old. Nice going sir. Shad, Matt, and Jesse ran the 11 mile event in 1hr 25min, 1hr  33min, and 1hr 49min respectively. One pretty cool thing of note is that a woman, Maike Holthuijzen, kicked the hell out of everyone in the 11 mile event. 

On Saturday evening Peggy and Kathy ran the half marathon. Peggy won her age group in 1hr 54min and Kathy ran 2hr 6min.

Matt in Man vs Turtle at Cottonwood Sunday

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